Website migration

Migrating a website to a new server is a sensitive undertaking and requires professional support. In addition to web page migration, e-mail inboxes with their contents are also migrated. The speed of the migration depends on the amount of content you have on the previous server. We always agree the migration in advance with the client. We mostly do it late in the evening when there aren’t many visits to the site, so that clients are denied service as quickly as possible.

Access data for ftp is required to successfully start the migration:

Ftp address (mostly it is ftp.pagename.domain), username and password.

After successful registration and analysis, the website and its database, if any, are stored and transferred to the new server. Everything is properly tested and if it works correctly, the remaining content is transferred. This order is determined for security reasons, as each page file is first checked by antivirus protection in case the previous server does not have a sufficiently advanced security system.

Why migrate a website with us:

• I am not satisfied with the speed of the current server

• I want to have better results on PageSpeed or GTmetrix

• I want to have better results for marketing

• I want an unlimited number of domains placed on the server

• I want an unlimited number of e-mails on the server

• I want a more standalone approach to cPanel with more options

• I want more space and unlimited bandwidth

• I want premium virus protection

• I want a daily backup for the last 7 days of the week

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