Website optimization

Optimization of the website is done after completion of creation. After successful website optimization, marketing options are launched and adjusted.

For successful optimization, it is important to use smaller codes so that the page loads as quickly as possible and creates as few requests to the server as possible. In addition to optimizing the main code of the website, it is very important to use as few plugins and components as possible on the page. A popular option for combining codes and reducing requirements by removing unused CSS code is the Wp Rocket plugin. Wp Rocket is a simple caching tool that also allows the exception of individual files if you notice that a certain part of the page is not loading. The mobility and speed of Wp Rocket is what delights every user. In addition to useful code tools, it also offers a CDN option and the ability to optimize photos.

Regarding photo optimization, we still advise manually optimizing every photo you put on your website for the best possible results. After compressing the photo, we recommend converting the photo from the popular jpg, png, bmp formats to the new webp format, which greatly reduces the file size.

Every part of the site should be optimized for the best possible user experience. Sometimes, due to the aesthetics of the website itself, we will have to “sacrifice” a part of the site’s optimization. Effects on a website look attractive and give it a “spark of life”, but for website optimization they are a nuisance. Google’s popular PageSpeed service will show a worse overall rating precisely because of such parts of the website. That’s why you need to carefully determine to what extent you want to influence the overall score with the effects on the website. Our opinion is that a 90/100 page optimization score on the PageSpeed service represents the optimum because it allows enough space for the aesthetics of the page, but still represents an excellent score for optimization.

In addition to Google’s PageSpeed service, as an alternative we suggest GTmetrix, which is somewhat sharper in terms of ratings, but also more detailed in the description of problems that you can fix.

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