What is responsiveness?

Responsive web design (RWD) refers to the adaptation (eng. responsive) of a web page to the device or screen size. In other words, such pages, in addition to being “normally” displayed on desktop computers and laptops of different screen sizes, are also adapted to the smartphones and tablets from which the user accesses them, so that the information on the screen is transparent and readable.

Advantages of responsive design
Most new websites today are responsive, and if yours isn’t yet, you’ll probably want to upgrade or completely change it. A responsive website affects the user’s experience, and if it is not adapted to the device from which the user is viewing the website, there is a high possibility that the user will go to a competitor’s website. In today’s era of fast internet and easily accessible information, users expect responsive websites. The advantage of responsive design is precisely that you will keep the user on your website and reach the planned sales more easily.

The main advantages of responsive design are:

better SEO
greater availability
optimal user experience
increased number of users
increase in sales
increasing brand visibility
advantage over the competition.

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