What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, i.e. SEO, includes all activities aimed at adjusting the content, form and generally the technology that supports websites, i.e. search engines. In short, SEO is the optimization of a website for search engines. SEO helps the website to be at the top of the search without a paid ad, i.e. organically, through certain techniques.

More than 80% of Internet users find websites through a search engine or directory, and if a website is not displayed on the first 3-6 pages, it will not be found. Also, search engines are one of the key sources of website traffic. Given that one should invest in SEO, what is the difference between investing in SEO and paid ads? Although SEO requires a longer duration, preparation and efforts, in the long term, SEO is more efficient than paid forms, and success can be constantly monitored. When searching, we distinguish between paid ads and SEO according to search positioning. That is, paid ads are at the top of the search, a maximum of four ads per page is possible, while the ranking of organic websites is arranged according to SEO success and a maximum of ten per page is possible.

Keywords and links are two key elements of SEO. Keywords can be used in descriptions, front page, main navigation, URLs and text in general. You should not overdo it with keywords, i.e. the description or text does not have to be written only with keywords, moreover it is not recommended, so you should use them wisely. If you go into SEO yourself, you must be careful not to set your website back, that is, by using the wrong “keywords” and the wrong SEO techniques, you can do more harm than good. We recommend that you hire an expert and not do it yourself unless you are experienced in the field, because after all, SEO experts exist for a reason.

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