Why is marketing necessary for everyone?

Let’s start with the definition, and the easiest one; marketing is a branch of business economics. You wouldn’t go wrong with that definition, but you wouldn’t say anything either. Marketing is all around us, today more than ever. Now that you’re sitting down and reading what’s out there, look around and you’ll find marketing. Whether it’s the book on the shelf, the computer or mobile phone from which you’re reading this, or the food you consume. Each product has its own name and creates its own branding. When a company is founded and a name and logo are added, company branding is created. Potential users will search by that name, they will remember it by that logo. It can be said that marketing is the business philosophy of every successful company and is present from the establishment of the company to the ultimate maintenance of customer relations.

Social networks are a representation of how marketing has become present in private and business. By building a profile, you can create personal branding, a portfolio, a resume. Although not in the typical way, as we are used to when traditional marketing was at its peak, but digitized. Media, or social networks, are one of the biggest factors of digital marketing and are essential to understand why marketing is needed by everyone.

The digitization of the media as we know it today began at the beginning of the 21st century. Back then, marketing was still only at a traditional level, we would read newspapers, look at various ads, watch TV, follow sales programs. We would see an advertisement, a promotional program and they would become aware of it. Today, on average, a person sees 10,000 advertisements per day. It is not necessary to say that it does not raise awareness of 10,000 advertisements per day. Together with social networks and digitalization of media, marketing experiences growth and development at the same speed. Today you have to stand out, and that’s where good marketing comes into play.

In a sea of content, you have to stand out in order to build a relationship with a potential user. You have to know how to determine the target group, how to win it over, how to communicate with your target group, develop a relationship, build that relationship and maintain it, offer a product or service that they need. Analytics, SEO optimization, web development, maintaining customer relations, content creation and content creation are part of what will push your company forward. Having a good marketer by your side is what will make your company stand out and raise awareness. To conclude, it is unquestionable that everyone needs marketing, but having good marketing is what makes a company successful.

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