Why is digital and media literacy important?

Media literacy is the ability to recognize different types of media and understand the messages they send. Digital literacy is knowledge of social networks, the media, the Internet, their function, their way of working, information gathering, recognition of information sources and the ability to recognize important and true information, and is part of media literacy. Both are included in the idea of “information literacy,” which is the ability to find, recognize, evaluate, and use information effectively. Digital literacy specifically refers to media from the Internet, smartphones, video games, and other non-traditional sources. Just as media literacy includes the ability to recognize media and its messages and to create media responsibly, digital literacy also includes skills and ethical obligations.

Today, media literacy is extremely important, especially because today more than ever there is theft of identities, personal information, bank accounts and the like. As users of social networks and content creators, digital and media literacy should be taken seriously, especially by companies that have the trust of their users. It is precisely because of the lack of media literacy that fake prize games are circulating on social networks, sharing prize coupons, which ask users for their card number and similar personal information that is not shared via social networks. Fake information, fake news, fake sites are an important segment of media illiteracy, that is, literacy. Learning media literacy helps us improve critical thinking, recognizing points of view, responsible creation of media, messages, sharing correct and positive content. We must be ready for lifelong learning, which includes media literacy, i.e. the acquisition of digital competences.

Every company has a responsibility by placing content on social platforms, websites, it is important to be aware of this responsibility and check the information that is shared.

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