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We create responsive and fast webshops adapted to your needs. We offer the possibility of independent content editing and marketing management.

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WordPress web stores are very easy to independently add new content or modify existing content. They are excellent for a web store because you can independently and quickly change and add products on a computer or mobile phone. Woocommerce, the most popular webshop component for WordPress, also offers a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. Within the mobile application, you can add or edit products, view orders, and even receive a sound notification on your mobile when a new order arrives. We adapt the WordPress administration to your needs so that you can change your content quickly and easily. We build the design from the ground up from "scratch" without the content of ready-made themes.


HTML 5 web stores are based on HTML code with CSS for styling and javascript for visual effects. HTML web stores are light in size and well optimized, but you cannot easily and independently change the content. Adding and editing a new product is done exclusively by the developer, which represents an additional cost in the form of billing for each change or annual maintenance package. We build the design from the ground up from "scratch" without the content of ready-made themes.


Joomla online stores are easy to independently insert new content or modify existing content. You can easily and simply add new products and edit existing ones. The most popular e-commerce component for Joomla is VirtueMart. Although they are not as popular as WordPress and have less functionality, they can be adapted to all your needs. We build the design from the ground up from "scratch" without the content of ready-made themes.


Drupal is another CMS solution like WordPress and Joomla that is based more on custom codes than plugins. For web shops, it uses Commerce core, which allows adding and editing products on the page. Drupal for the end user is not as easy to use as the previous two options. We adapt the appearance and content of the administration to your needs so that you can easily edit your content. We build the design from the ground up from "scratch" without the content of ready-made themes.

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